Concert Tickets usually go on sale to the public several months before the scheduled performance date. Keep in mind if the event is popular, additional shows may be added after the first one sells out. Because of the large reach of the Internet, there are now thousands of people all battling online, to be first in line. Best advice, do your homework and start early. Know your concert date, know which phone numbers to dial. Call early, there may be a hold. Get online early and get your show loaded up. A higher speed Internet connection seems to help also, although it is by no means a miracle cure for getting tickets on the Internet.

With bands charging more and more for tickets, it is almost easier just to go to a broker right off the bat. If tickets go onsale for your favorite artist and you are shut out, tickets are still usually readily available from online ticket brokers. So why does a broker have tickets and you don't? Simple, if there are 20,000 tickets sold for a concert. Somebody is going to have extras. They don't call you to sell them, they call a broker. Some brokers take orders for concert tickets before the show even goes on sale, just guaranteeing a general location of seating. If you absolutely have to make sure you get tickets, this may be your best bet. Otherwise, the greatest variety of inventory available seems to be about 2-3 days after the concert goes on sale.

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