1) You are ALWAYS taking off and putting on your shoes wherever you go.
2) (For females) Your brother had no curfew while you had to be
    home by 6pm. 
3) When you were little you always wondered why your American
    friends waited until after breakfast to brush their teeth when you
    did it first thing in the morning.

4) Your parents hate the Russians.

5) You have annoying nicknames to make it easier for your
    american friends.
6) Your parents call all your friends "Bachem" whether they are
    Afghan or not.
7) People you call "Kaka Jan" always smell up the bathroom at
8) If you aren't married and you turn 25, your parents start
    wringing their hands and proclaim that it's too late.
9) You have never met half of your extended family.
10) Either you really like Afghans of the opposite sex or you
    can't stand them.
11) Your mother measures wealth in gold and diamonds.
12) Your parents drink 6 cups of tea a day.
13) Your parents had eight daughters in hopes of having a son.
14) One or both of your parents skipped at least one year of
    elementary school.
15) You have cousins you have never met, whose names you don't
    know,but who insist they're related to you, even though they bear NO
    resemblance to anyone YOU know.
16) Your parents push the concept of an arranged marriage on you
    and try & demonstrate how well it works whenever they're not
17) A successful marriage is one where your parents and your
    husband's/wife's parents like and understand each other.
17a) Your parents compare you to all of their friends' kids.
18) When you compare your friends to yourself, your parents say,
    "You aren't the same person as they are!"
19) The second you pull out of someone's driveway, your parents
    start talking about them.
 20) At least once a week your mom says, "The good old days in
 21) Your parents were the richest most respected people "back
 22) Older siblings always listen to your parents' conversations.
 23) No one ever seems to call ahead of time to say they are
    coming over for a visit.
 24) When you drive by other people's businesses, your parents
    always count the number of cars in the parking lot.
 25) Your parents worry what other people will think if you're
    not going to be a doctor, lawyer, or engineer.
 26) Your parent's always refuse to buy so called "luxury items"
    because of the poverty "back home"
 27) Pre Historic "Modern" Afghan Chicks refer to *kabul* as
    "kabul Jan".
 28) Pre Historic "even more modern chicks" refer to *Afghanistan*
    as "kabul Jan"
 29) Your parents have their own unique names for everything such



   - Tissues =Tushis
    - Barbeque = Babooqi
    - Roosevelt Boulevard = Roosabaar Beeroobaar
    - Video = Visio
    - Liberty Park = Liability Park
    - Syrup = SRDUP
    - Blockbuster Video - Black Bastard Viseo
 30) The best things in the world were invented by Afghans such as;
    - Electricity
    - The Aeroplane
    The western society somehow managed to steal the formulas and
    make it their own.
 31) Two or more afghan men will always talk politics with each
 32) Two or more afghan women will always start their sentences
    with "did you know...."
33) New brides coming to america from Pakistan are always under
    the age of 18 but have managed to finish a University course at
    kabul University five years ago.
 34) Afghan females who have newly arrived in America are ALWAYS
    younger than afghan femlales who were brought up in America.
 35) Newly arrived afghan guys always become more americanised
    than those brought up in America.
 36) Most afghan guys have illusions of being black.
 37) Most afghan men have illusions of knowing everything there is
    to know.
 37a) Most 'cultured' afghan men will dress up in a suit and tie
    for a day out in the park. 4
 38) Most afghan guys have illusions that an afghan girl wants to
    marry him as soon as he catches her so much as glance his way in an
    afghan function.
 39) An afghan girl is bad if she laughs out loud at an afghan
    functions. To be considered good, an afghan girl sits quietly all
    night long, staring at her hands resting in her lap.
 40) Within the Afghan female community, Gossip has a new name =
    "shereen Baas"
 41) Every farsi speaking person has a pashtun grandfather.
 42) Every pashtu speaking person speaks farsi better.
 43) Afghan parents like to live their children's lives for them.
    When children complain parents always seem to have the same guilt
    trip: "the things we have done for you to get you to where u are
 44) Food is not worthy of eating if it is not floating in two
    centimetres deep oil.
 45) You haven't really had dinner unless you've had rice.
 46) A wedding was either good or bad depending on the food, and
    the food only.


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